To Lucifer my Sword!

The shield doth glitter on my chest so grand,
As I on my journey to restore the land,
Which was plundered by the dark of the darkest,
Nay lord let me not lose, save me cause am blest,
By the covenant t’was born on the years before,
I on this mission so noble, t’is an honor to be at fore,
My sword so heavy, will surely does split the damned throat,
And now as saying I do feel the pleasure it gives, I will have wrought,
The agony experienced on my land, a million more on the legions,
Wherewith I will slaughter flesh to bones, from vales over mountains,
Arm me still my lord, cause I in my valor thou gifted must finish, what,
The dark sought standing before your will and fought,
Over my life on the thirty feet at seventy, you did pull me out,
From death that started sucking me in its uneasy mire,
Give me the power so grand on thine wings of fire,
Let me finish what the early serpent had started,
Giving a taste of his own measure, he meted,
And hold his magnificent bejeweled crown,
Smiting it and so bringing him down,
On his knees will he fall as he once did so in overwhelm,
Is this I seek so sincere from my heart, happen in this realm,
Can the scriptures hold this my ask oh lord,
As I your ark so steadfastly want to guard,
This as my mission am willing to embark,
And quench my thirst with the blood of the dark,
Give me I ask thee, the power to wreak,
Havoc on the entire fleet of the legions that seek,
More of thine creations and plans to smudge,
As they did to me on that dark day,
Let it not happen I in sincere do pray.
Save me still even if I fall in the un-wanting debacle,
Pull me out from among the wretched tentacles,
I still know my loving lord of mercy, that in all earnest,
Still you want to hold me in thine arms, embrace me and say am blest.

Jesu Valiant – 2005 [Valiant Knight Series]

~ by jesuvaliant on April 5, 2010.

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