Where their venom green,
Deep in my soul doth tween,
Sacrilege! human body, the temple,
Will I again in his presence assemble,
Lord forgive my being I sinned,
Thine words did not matter, sin pinned,
Wake my soul lord, take its pain,
Never want to sit in disdain,
You spilled your blood for me,
I spilled my lust in spree,
Where will I have the face,
I run back in my life’s race,
Why does it hurt so much lord?
Is this a lesson I need? so hard?
My tears that matter to none,
Know now lord I am done,
Cheated by Satan, an experiment,
Wickedness in the depths that ferment,
Cast a spell on me and me so blinded,
Wake me up before I go withered,
When will I take your love and live?
Than to submit for illusions and bereave,
Take me in your sweet arms my god,
I do not want to reduced to a shard,
I am yours lord you are my maker,
You own my soul, you the taker,
Will you call me soon where your feet lay?
I will worship you with all my say,
Take me in your care, I need it now,
I reap hate’ Jesus, when love I did sow,
Creator you know what I am to thee,
Just don’t stop to shower your love on me,
Need it now else I will, my doom,
Remove the pain and all the gloom,
Love so displayed on golgotha tree,
Look down yet again down on me.

© 2010 Jesu Valiant [ReGolgotha Series – 2007]

~ by jesuvaliant on October 25, 2010.

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