Brimstones on Soul

Something strange in her death, no one dared to speak,
The cops silent and so a few people, not a leak,
Why did she have to end her life? Like this!
To flames that reached the skies with sanity amiss,
Met a few of her ‘friends’, they may be the reasons?
They were there with all through her life’s end seasons,
Hiding many a fact, the culprits and bureaucracy, hand in hand?
Was it forced, or was it accident no one reveals in all this land,
Her investigation files shut tight as ‘none responsible’,
All those termed ‘free’ and ‘innocent’, cant they be punishable?
Were there lies and cover-ups? many would love to challenge,
The ‘few’ who were the reasons as many suspect,
Her mobile phone on that fateful day, might hide the secrets,
Wiped clean from the surface of history with smoke and flames,
Will they be able to hide the truth all through and all long? Law so lame?
Listen all of you there is something dark, we better know,
There has been a life wiped clean and then cover-ups like a stage show.
Some people in her life, stranger than a ghostly leech,
Cunning as a fox, shady and with an innocent speech,
End times, bent times, on 8’Dec, 9’O the clock chimes,
Smoke and flames, death and burial, end of her times.
Life and death come a full cycle, my dear murderer,
You will reap the same fruit as this will hit you soon like never.

Jesu Valiant

~ by jesuvaliant on December 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Brimstones on Soul”

  1. This poem is a poignant reminder…filled with images…questions that are haunting my mind. Wish we had answers.

  2. Its an absolute enthrallment to go over the way you ceded the verse….Kudos!

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