Pain, Solace & Wisdom; Ode to Handel Jim


Tears in mine eyes, the pain so deep,
I have no one now, I weep,
Didn’t you like this world, friends, family so true?
Little Brother, Where will I go? What will I do,

You left me alone, you took my smiles,
Mine tears trickle down, all the miles
From your life’s youngest years,
Till this lonely moment on your page here,

Where your love, felt by all,
I miss it now, on mine knees I fall,
The secrets we shared, you still know
The giggles of innocence, on ‘yes’ and ‘no’,

Oh! My little brother and my friend,
I want your smile to be sent,
The one as innocent as dove,
Across all hearts and minds that need love,

Now nothing as family we can hold on true,
Handel Jim, you are no more, we can’t even wish you,
Except this Facebook wall and the memories,
Your guitar at home, photos as your effigies,

As its said in the scripture; this too will pass away,
But know that this pain, our lifetime to stay,
We stand in the queue, your turn was 6 April,
We too will have the date, when we become still,

Many over our profile will wish us when late,
Wish you had foreseen your fate,
Your mother cries, few hear, few among many,
You left us with no solace, no not any,

I weep and scroll your Facebook page,
Countless emotions for all the age,
So many for you to love and hold,
Wishing on your journey to glories untold,

Words of Wisdom, still many eject,
Word of God, many more reject,
Delusion-ed in the rhythms of motion,
Eclipsing sanity in its soul-less passion,

Fueled by the colored brews,
Of the many hues, with many a crew,
None will stand now and fill this gap,
In your early exit from the life’s lap,

The fumes inhaled, the chorus of tribes,
Strings on vibe, dozen hands to jive,
No hand could stop your journey to the ‘evitable’,
You had everything in bloom; smile adorable,

Yet you managed to wriggle into deaths jaws,
Scripture says Death like a lion, struck with its paws,
Could have been wise, could have lived this time,
And struck your chords to my better rhyme.

© Jesu Valiant – 2012

~ by jesuvaliant on April 3, 2012.

One Response to “Pain, Solace & Wisdom; Ode to Handel Jim”

  1. “Pain abounds you”,but he’s on the happier horizon.Sometimes its better dead that alive.

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