I Survive, loving Elshaddai


Dark, deviant scriptures and false heresies,
You have planted me in the midst of mine enemies,
They call for my blood and the end of my tribes,
They scheme and scheme, woe unto their scribes,

They deceive and their deceiver mocks my existence,
They stand and plan to cut off my sustenance,
Scriptures have stood with the covenant everlasting,
I have given peace, by pieces; my own lands notwithstanding,

The blessings that thou had shed, desert that has blossomed,
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob you are the most awesome,
My King David had sung, the times that are to come,
I will relish every prophecy, all from you they have come,

The spirits that gathered on Mount Hermon,
Planned to decapitate my glories, they lay forlorn,
They will gather again and again till times end,
Elshaddai, you with me through every bend,

You had anointed me with your abundant mercies,
Am Israel, the apple of your eyes, under these hostile skies,
Establish thine righteousness in all your promised lands,
I am alone, none to comfort, but to you I turn and stand,

I am yours, Elshaddai for all the times,
Let there never be tears in all my rhymes,
They say the stones will speak me out,
And will establish my rout,

They blaspheme your name Elshaddai, blasphemers,
Their god is the chief of all schemers,
He schemes and schemes every report and release,
I await your feet on the mount Zion, to see the ranting cease,

Have waited for eons and will wait forever more,
Bless those who seek peace within my shores,
Just let your mercies surround me all the more, stronger,
Elshaddai, my Lord, my God, my Savior, my Comforter.

Jesu Valiant

© Copyrighted

~ by jesuvaliant on June 6, 2012.

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