Fermented Fallacies

fermented fallacies

Macabre and molested, rot stemmeth in human minds,
Fermented fallacies, squeezed out from Satan’s hind,
Knoweth not truth, justice nor the reasons,
New fallacies bred within men, every passing season,
Feast on the same-sex, explore the dread,
Killing the unborn, after spreading the bed,
Wild and rotten, infested and fermented, no gain,
Destruction of sanity, profane, vain, disdain,
Blame it on the gene, the chromosome?
While in fleshy lust, they swell and foam?
Blame fauna, the surrounding, the upbringing?
Invent the best, map the incoherent, argue from nothing?
How could you construct justification on fauna, is that the best?
They still roam naked, cannibalize, engage in incest,
With gene condition, men into morgue, sleep with the dead,
Catch the barely young children and drag them to bed,
Everything is a gene behavior, they evolve they say,
Then why the morals, when we’re an evolved ‘hay’,
Equality for pedophilia, cannibals makes then sense,
Why doth an evolved protein and goo needs a moral fence?
Its “consensual”, they protest; between man and man,
Why then avoid incest? There too, two agree,
Father, Daughter, Mother, Sons, Brother; predation glee,
Introducing argumentum fallacy, we are evolutionary goo,
Bundle of hydrocarbon, proteins, acids; as it pleases we do,
They called it absolute marriage and orientation,
When biological neglect of a whole natural function,
Then how do you drag biology to thine witness?
Knowing well that it is a deviant case with its toll and cess,
Sanctity in marriage is not for canine and its bitches,
To justify the animal lust and on the road and in the ditch,
Watch for yourself, trace back thine steps and mark,
Your descent into the bowels of the immoral abyss dark,
The pioneer of Gay marriage, the hot Mr Boris Dittrich,
Next campaign is group wedding and sex, on road and in ditch,
Movement gains momentum, soon all doeth the new,
Another fallacy bred in the armpits, savored like the dew,
How long will you last? Oh winter wheat of Man, thou man,
Life is like the smoke, it’s some more moments and its done,
You term me bigot, when we hate not you but what you got,
What you got is something what human biology is not,
Hating the person, is deviant of our fundamental belief,
We speak to people the truth, battle their relief,
Love thine neighbor is what we have been told much,
We strive to hate not you nor the people such,
Yet you gather the storms, abuse at will and scalps; the salvage,
Like the war bird hits, the statistics on the life’s fuselage,
This crate does not fly far, the end maybe sudden,
Termed in the middle with all the fermented lust, laden.

Jesu Valiant – 2013

~ by jesuvaliant on April 5, 2013.

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