Forsaken memories…



There my friend as I see you today,
The memories are all I have this day,
The times and seasons that have passed,
Just now turned a few pages, got engrossed,
The memories stride back now in this time,
I can’t anymore, sing any passionate rhyme,
Music less as I am, have but progressed,
Lyric less as I am, should not transgress,
Epics we wrote in the small seasons we knew,
We took the earth and with the sky we did sew,
Preached to you as a priest from the pew,
Chatted all night till the forming of the dew,
Few songs that we sing together still rocks my soul,
There I should confess I do have a gaping hole,
Remember the tears shed between the days,
Although I was all forlorn and in a daze,
You woke from the dream; I reckon and sailed away,
The deep blue sea beckoned, yet you chose the grey,
I wanted so to swim, close in and sing again,
Sanity uttered its calls, I chose to disdain,
Yet I knew there is something that you did see,
That you and me were never meant to be,
See, I did not want to write these lines too,
Just thought I should honor what was true,
Truth is always etched, engraved to see,
In life you meet many, even like me,
I see you have your choices, that made you,
I never had those choices as I now do,
You grew fast, t’was your journey you took,
Unlike me making a poem of moments you forsook,
I still exist, as the time does unfurl every day,
I can still gaze into the past as I now lay,
Now those memories like fossils here to see,
Brings back from the warps; smiles to me,
I know you will dig in your own fossils and know,
Your cold, rigid, self; will with memories glow.

© Jesu Valiant – 2013

~ by jesuvaliant on July 6, 2013.

One Response to “Forsaken memories…”

  1. Wow Jesu, awesome ! Very impressed

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