Dreams Returned

Jesu Valiant Poem

Years like smoke that went by,
Times that were born and did die,
Learnt many a skills,
Past many a thrills,
We fell in love, we were loved,
Out of love we bowed,
Whispers of pain and anger,
Journeyed through many dangers,
After the years that so fast flew,
After we forgot the morning dew,
With lives like machines,
Forgot our souls passions,
No more dreams in the night,
All further away from the light,
Days were passing like smoke,
Wicked times, crooked jokes,
When we thought all was lost,
When we were counting the past,
Thanks to the love and mirth,
We do have a second birth,
We rediscovered innocence here,
With a feeling we are all so near,
This we now know was the one missing,
To each other we now are a true blessing,
We now witness and share our love,
Pure, truly innocent as the humble dove,
As we bless and hold each other here,
Previous little conversation so very dear,
Assured, we are here for each other,
Dawn to dusk, one to another,
Love you my  sweet friends, now have found,
Meaning of happiness reason to astound,
Happy friendship day my dearest friends,
We met here after life’s many bends,
As we hold our hands together here,
With feeling that we are so very near,
Let’s take this life, see through till the end,
Love, joy and tears, hands to lend,
Again, thanks for the Times,
You all are in my song of life, the rhymes.

Poem dedicated to my classmates from the Batch of 97. Quick fire composition on WhatsApp.

© Jesu Valiant – 2013

~ by jesuvaliant on August 10, 2013.

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