My Crimson Passion


Moving over the deep; I saw you from thence,
Saw your first cells form, sparse to dense,
Your little hands form, your mother’s womb dear,
My love, my wonder, I stepped into time, to be near,
Felt your tiny heart take its first throb, tender,
The grandness of life, spirit, on humanity, surrendered,
As your first move in the amniotic, brought mine tears,
As your muscles twitched, biological living gears,
Did I not draw you in the palm of my hands?
Sacrifice my name? my all? beyond all, my life grand,
My love for you; that no entity ever fathom,
Did tide over the death, sins and the dark chasm,
Did I not see the slayers pursue and hound?
Drag the watchers, in Tartarus seal, astound?
Serpent its head, death its sting, the fallen confound?
Destined thine tormentor, brimstone bound?
Did I not embark on my loves long journey?
Leaving the eternal bond, triune self, no not for any,
T’was for thineself, that mattered the most,
Lost; hence I paid the absolute grand cost,
Penetrating the very fabric of mine creation,
To pursue you, save you, object of mine affection,
In the union, of nucleons, life and plasma,
Fos, Dunamis, in the midst of the cosmic drama,
Born into the dimensions, four; entered your reality,
Immanuel, Salvation, Fire, Glory and eternity,
Did I not embark on this rescue? leaving my glory,
Just to have you by my side? Staring a new story,
Times untold, times beyond, no times to restrain,
Even though, times many, thou mine love disdain,
From quantum to cosmos my breath, my whisper,
Through all eons that never doth my name wither,
Yet I dragged myself into my creation to be
Your hope, your love, your salvation, all for me,
The beings formed at my words, in 6 days everything,
Now I build your eternity, 2000 years singing,
They dragged me on the dust, did gnaw my soul,
Shred my body, ploughed; did sieve, maul,
The sins of all, yours to the very last,
Nailed on me, a burden much, paid the cost,
I carried the pain, bore the grand dark hatred,
All curses, sins, sickness for you and your kindred,
Joyful as I was torn asunder in my flesh, as for you,
Torn also from my being three, as the darkness grew,
The chanting and rumble from the abyss deep,
The grand deceiver, the proud one, his substance seep,
As the legions thought they will devour the son,
Knowing not, the son is the conjure, trinity in one,
In the workflow of sin, death and hell,
My journey deep to the deepest lair to quell,
To quench my love for you my child, believe this,
Nay I do not want you to be caught and miss,
The love I have spent, the glory I have set,
Need you to do nothing, hold me, I paid all debt,
In the agonies carrying your cost was high,
I called out your name, I cried out in love, come nigh,
I knew this pain for me, sets you free,
Forever we will be, together in arms be,
Am your everything, ’twas I who the stretched quantum,
Genesis of life, ’twas my words, life and all the momentum,
The fabric of universe, is at my beck and dispose,
Fine tuned to statistical impossibilities, how any suppose?
I hold the nothingness, supply quarks the light,
Assigning paths, lights, balances tight,
Remade the world; made firmament, cross their abode,
Destroyed flesh, corrupted by those that dared disrobe,
Bindeth me the atoms, whose hold none know,
Whence form matter? The creations grand show,
At best my apostles and apologetics present logic,
The professed wise, the scoffers, believers in magic,
They live in the grace, pray beloved, that sanity dawns,
At least by true wisdom, understand the creator, the credibility,
Radon halos, biogenesis, lack of transitions, irreducibility,
A billion more reasons, to behold and to hold,
Fall in love, harken to my call, come in the fold,
Am your friend, and father; your counsellor, comforter,
Even before the very beginning of time, till this day,
Seeing your constants C falter and lay,
Know still, that the designed is an illusion,
An integration, matter, life, quarks; mine construction,
Before the first quark was formed; first laws born here,
If exist these and their laws, seek not thou for the giver?
Seek thou truly, ye shall find; T’is one lifetime to reason,
Fall ye not, save thine self from deception and treason,
My sacrifice on the cross, reduced from a creator being,
As the nails fastened me to the cross; t’is for thine living,
Whence can metal restrain, refrain, mine glory?
As you keep hearing, this Calvary’s grand story.
Know still, the times are near, moments dear,
Do repent, follow my steps, water and fire,
Then thou shalt hear the trumpets sound, rapture astound,
Will replenish your mortal being; dimensions beyond.

© Jesu Valiant

~ by jesuvaliant on March 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “My Crimson Passion”

  1. I read it.. just awesome! keep going

    Helen Mohan


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